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Gotta Hurry

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I have to write speedy posts these days, I found out that my app for Live Journal is scatter-shotting through my f-list, lol, apologies for any and all mystery posts, the kind where you read it and shook your head saying, "It's so sad to see Kara on crack, just, truly sad..."

Anyway, since I'm back on my laptop for this, and I'm tethered to my phone, it just gobbles up data for for the month, so that's why this is a rush.

It's snowing outside, landing on top of the current foot and a half currently residing like a big, white beast over all of Mio. I love it, though, and really don't mind, though I grumble along with everyone else so I don't get assaulted with cries of "How could you!?" and "It's probably all your fault...!" you'd be surprised at how deep cabin fever is around here; I don't mess with it.

I went out in my snowshoes, and what fun! it's very crunchy, running in a paddlefoot style, and much easier than it looks, though it gets you puffing as it is some work, too. It's like walking with heavy boots on.

Taco Tuesday tonight, Bowling tomorrow night, work on Thursday...

Oh, I made out a plot outline for my story I wrote a few weeks ago, and i have it right here, ready to go for edits, and, well, I keep stalling. I don't know why I have so many writing worries, but I do, there you go.

Every other week

Michael Parkes1

I'm working on the story that I submitted for the 400 flash liberty hall. Based on the story, I have a sort of mini outline done up and we'll begin rewriting probably tomorrow but maybe Monday.


I purposefully did not enter the 401th flash, as my intentions are to try every other one, which gives me time to try and finish a story rather than just tuck it away and keep writing new stories.


I'm not sure how I'm going to manage submitting or even if.


Michael Parkes1

Wow, all these tags I have, and no tag for sports, how is that even possible!? The hubs been watching the Olympics like crazy, but I've only been watching bits and snippets. We went out to Taco Tuesday last night at a bar and one of my friends had them change the channel to curling on the Olympics, pretty soon everyone was yelling "sweep, you b*****ds, sweep!" I was laughing so hard my ribs hurt.


alas, USAs curling hopes are dashed for this Olympics,


I did a flash at liberty hall for the 400 th and  plan to print it out and see if I can do some of the edits they suggested, one was most interesting was talking about not ruining the quirkiness, lol, that's very astute because I struggle with that.


My muses seem to love the quirkiness, and my inner editor is very anxious to crush it, crush it good! So its a quandary.


flash challenge

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hey I got an email from Gwal saying that its liberty hall's 400 challenge this weekend. I'm planning to put one in, I hope you can too. congratulations to liberty hall, that's sure a huge achievement.

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happy Valentine's Day

Michael Parkes1
happy Valentine's Day. We don't really do much for this one, maybe we'll go out to dinner or out to dinner sometime in the next week and call it Valentines Day celebration, it's just one of those dayz meant for younger people maybe, lol.

I'm using my phone to make these posts, the speech recognition? I think it does pretty well, a little sketchy on capitals and some punctuation, and I can't get too clever or it starts auto correcting, but oh I love how fast it is and how easy.

this and that

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I've got feelers out for another job. I'm okay at this one, now, but it's hard, working at a job where the only time you hear is if you've done something wrong or you're on a naughty list. I really wish it was different, as I find the challenge endlessly rewarding and all, but, what can I say? I'm a dog-year person in need of pats :D

One of my favorite offices to work at is closing on the 15th of this month. It's so sad. Another office, the one I'm at the most (Curran), went from 4 hours a day to 2, and no reduction in scans, reports, paperwork--there was a time when I was running around like a spinning top, but it's ok, now.

Happy my day

Michael Parkes1
Today's my birthday. Wow, am I OLD! I gotta say, I don't feel this old, but there you go, rushing right for the "raisin with eyes" phase of life.

oh, well, so it goes, and I've got more decades to go, hopefully, so I'm not dwelling on it--avoiding mirrors, sure, but that's expected, lol!

It's been a great day so far, and we're going out to dinner tonight with friends. I'm going to work today, too; I didn't request the day off earlier, so that's how it worked out. I don't mind, really, and it gets me out.

Oh, and it's been too long since I've peeked in here, I just get pulled in too many directions and put things off. Not much news, not much writing, too much not finishing projects, too much tv, all the usual.

Reading binges and other hazards

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 hi, again! Sorry about being gone for so long, I fell into a huge work/reading/crafts/memememe routine and pretty much forgot about everything writing connected. I don't know why, but I seem like I'm in a very non-creative period of my life.

I've been working at the post office a lot, mostly at the Curran Post Office, but this coming week I'm going going to be at Curran, Comins, National City, and Luzerne, and I've never worked at the National City office. I'm in a little bit of a panic about it, really, as every office is so different. Still, it'll be fine, and I plan to drive to that office on Monday after Curran is closed and get a quick tour and how-to so it won't be as stressful as otherwise.


Glad I did it

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I did 751 words for my ni90, and I also participated in the Liberty Hall flash challenge. I like my story, though there's nothing special about it, I'm glad I did it, though.

I actually was going to stop after about 650 words, as I have some wriggle room with it this week because I'm actually ahead in word count for the week, but then I thought, no, I'm going to go the whole way. It's 750 words a day. Just because I did more yesterday doesn't mean anything. For example, it doesn't mean go fewer. Some days I may *have* to, but not today. Maybe tomorrow, I'm at the post office for a full eight hours, and I don't know how much energy I'll have, plus I need to critique for LH and all. Shoot, I probably should write a few hundred extra today :)

The Rrr of it all

Michael Parkes 3
I wrote 1225 on my Ni90 project today. I don't have a title or anything for it, other than Ni90 project. For this one, I'm not doing any planning or anything at all, no naming; heck, one of the characters is 'named' rrr, and everyone just has a placeholder name. It's working all right, I'm at 4007 words today.

I'm embracing my inner pantser.

Our eldest daughter turned 29 the other day, omg, that is so surreal.



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